Exploring Tech Intimacy: The Benefits and How-to of App-Controlled Toys

Exploring Tech Intimacy: The Benefits and How-to of App-Controlled Toys

Smartphones are woven into every part of our existence, not least our intimate lives. Imagine having a tiny adult film cinema, with endless opportunities to engage with others, right at your fingertips. Regardless if you're a tech novice or a master from Silicon Valley, you might be overlooking thrilling sexual technology and the newest in app-controlled gadgets. Let's dive into the reasons to use app-control toys and how to set them up.

Digital Companion

Most of us prefer sexual toys that are simple to use, maintain, and clean, out of convenience. However, learning how to use a new app and connecting the toy via Bluetooth (or occasionally a specific system) requires a bit of patience. Why engage with something seemingly so intricate? We're all accustomed to using our phones, often single-handedly. Therefore, one hand can manage the app, leaving the other hand free to handle the toy (or entirely hands-free, depending on the toy). Your partner can operate the app, whether they are nearby or remote from ANYWHERE. This is a fantastic feature if you're in a long-distance relationship or enjoy exploring your interests beyond the bedroom.

Out in Public

Fancy harboring a naughty secret while in public? Take your app-control gadget out to dinner, a bar, or on the dance floor. Your partner can subtly increase the intensity via their phone and observe as you react to the waves of pleasure. App-control toys are typically silent enough to wear anywhere and fit securely. Some of the panty-vibe gadgets even have magnets for added security.

Setting Up

Connections Numerous methods exist to pair your sex toys. Most manufacturers have exclusive apps that you can download from your app store. They range from simple controls to inventive customization (like programming your unique vibration patterns), remote functions for long-distance fun, and compatibility with VR headsets and 2D media. Download the suggested app and study the user's guide. For instance, I downloaded the Svakom app, LELO, Lovense Remote, and We-Vibe. Allow some patience for yourself and the app during installation, setup, and initial performances. It might take a couple of tries to fine-tune it.

Syncing with Svakom

Pioneering toy companies such as Svakom have developed gadgets that can synchronize with your 2D media, offering you sensations aligned with the action. Toys from Svakom, like the Phoenix Neo 2 and Pulse Lite Neo, have connectivity via the Svakom and FeelConnect apps. The Svakom app offers local and remote control. The Feel Connect app also supports remote control as well as connections to interactive webcam and adult film sites. The Phoenix Neo 2 even has a light that reacts to your media and is excellent for webcamming and performing for your lover.

LELO's Swedish Style App

LELO toys, like the Ida Wave, pair via Bluetooth through the app. The app is consistent with everything LELO does – refined, classy, sex-positive, and superior. It includes enlightening blog articles, erotic stories, tips, positions, love advice, and news. The 'My LELO Toy' page is minimalist and straightforward, displaying available toys, complete with a thumbnail image, and offers connection options.

Sensible Lovense

The Lovense App provides many customization possibilities and syncing capabilities, perfect for the Lovense Ferri Panty Vibe. The app is user-friendly. You can manage pleasure with Remote, create unique patterns in My Patterns, choose Music from Apple Music (unfortunately, Spotify no longer supports third-party app interaction), set an alarm for an unexpected surprise later, and configure the toy to sync with ambient sounds around you (music, jackhammers, anything!).



You establish a login and profile for Long Distance control that you can share with a friend, and you can control theirs too! Under Discover, you can explore other people's distinct patterns, with comments. There's a Speed Mode that responds to your car's speed (I REALLY want to try this setting!). Certain features like Control Link and Wish List require you to login. Using a Lovense Bluetooth Dongle, you can even link your toy to a computer, which is fantastic for webcamming and having it react when you receive tips. Just bear in mind that the Lovense Ferri is powerful and can be somewhat noisy at higher settings. Wear it somewhere noisy…NOT a tranquil restaurant.

Work It If you're ready to put in the effort, you can get an excellent porn-enhanced stroking experience from The Handy Stroker. The Handy Stroker offers advanced male self-gratification by syncing with VR headsets, enabling you to enjoy adult content while the machine caters to your needs. Follow these simple instructions: connect the Handy to Wi-Fi, link your VR Headset to Wi-Fi, install DeoVR on your headset, and subscribe to SexLikeReal for content. Start DeoVR on your headset and browse the website sexlikereal.com. Once there, click Settings from the bottom toolbar, then the Interactive tab. Enter your Handy connection key and click Connect. Enable the Sex Toys filter to see compatible videos. Select your video and enjoy the synchronized movements of the Handy Stroker. It may sound a little complicated, but the rewards and options are boundless.

Vibing with We-Vibe

We-Vibe develops sophisticated, safe for body app-control toys, including butt plugs, panty vibrators, and couples' vibrators. We-Vibe pioneered the Chorus and Sync couples vibrators – toys specifically tailored for use during intercourse. The Chorus has been a top seller for years, boasting a Squeeze Remote for outstanding responsiveness. Sync is a newer version of the same idea but supports remote control. Both the Chorus and Sync are designed to be used during intercourse, or alone, and feature a remote control and app controls. How do they differ? The Chorus offers a slightly tighter fit, superior remote connectivity, and a squeeze remote. The Sync has simpler app connectivity (no remote needed), longer battery life, and is $50 cheaper than the Chorus.

The We-Vibe Moxie is the ultimate discreet panty vibrator for public play. The slip-proof magnet keeps it secure for hands-free use, and the app allows you or your partner to control it from anywhere (provided there's a wireless connection). The Moxie lasts up to 2 hours on a single charge and has more than 10 vibration settings.

We-Vibe did not forget to include butt lovers in sex tech. The Vector vibrating prostate massager is a gem. Enthusiasts praise its rumbly vibrations and app control functions. The app lets you create custom patterns and play with other We-Vibe toys. The soft, flexible silicone body snugly fits inside to stimulate the prostate and perineum perfectly. The Vector is super quiet, so you can use it anywhere and let your partner control it via the app.

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