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Tenga Hole Lotion Personal Lubricant

Tenga Hole Lotion Personal Lubricant

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The Tenga Hole Lotion is a series of four different sex toy lubricants that vary mostly in viscosity of the liquid. The four Tenga Hole Lotions are the MILD, REAL, WILD and the SOLID. The WILD features the lowest thickness of lotion all the way up to the SOLID. While all can be used on all Tenga sex toys that are compatible with lotions, there are subtle differences that can increase the sensations the user might experience. Let’s take a look at each of the lotions.

The WILD is the thinnest of the Hole Lotions, for direct stimulation that gives a wild feeling. It is also the only Hole Lotion that contains just a hint of menthol for an extra sensational feeling. This lotion is recommended for those who don’t want to let the feeling of lubrication get in the way of feeling the intricate interior details of the sex toy you’re using it with.

The next lotion is the REAL. Similar to the WILD, but with a little more viscosity and no additional menthol. As the name suggests, the REAL lotion is intended to give a more realistic feel to the lubrication. This lotion is recommended for users who want to have a more authentic sensation while using their masturbator.

The MILD is the second strongest lotion in terms of viscosity but is still mild enough to provide a realistic sensation. The lubricant delicately envelopes the sex toy and gives a long lasting yet mild feeling for the user. This product is best used with the gentler products, for example the white variations of the FLIP 0 and FLIP ORB series.

Last but not least is the SOLID. The most viscous lubricant in the series, this lubricant was developed to allow the user to feel every solid edge of their sex toy while also offering long lasting lubrication. A great example of a product that works perfectly with the SOLID lotion is the FLIP HOLE SILVER, which features an interior decorated with stronger edges created for intense stimulation. With the SOLID lotion, none of the feeling of these firmer designs are lost in the lubrication. This product is best used with the gentler products, for example the STRONG or Black variations of the FLIP 0 and FLIP ORB series.

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    Customer Reviews

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    The texture is amazing, feels like honey but 100% homogene and take the temperature fast, used it with Tenga 3D Polygon and it did'nt make a mess, easy to remove from body.


    Works well


    It has a better consistency than the durex warming jelly, also smells better.


    I find this stuff to be very effective and satisfying. It's the only lube I've tried that really adds to the experience instead of wrecking it. It's great.


    Really nice texture.

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