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Autoblow 2+ Handle Accessory

Autoblow 2+ Handle Accessory

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The Autoblow feels great when it’s stroking your cock but its true: it isn’t the most ergonomically designed product. Now that the Autoblow 2 has been in existence for a year, we listened to our users and created this smartly designed handle accessory. It easily snaps onto your Autoblow in seconds, turning your stroker into something that looks like a blowjob-giving coffee mug.

Solidly constructed from ABS plastic with an overmolded handle, it fits hands of all sizes, and actually increases sensation. The motor is so powerful that if you attach the handle and hold the machine horizontally, the force of the up/down motion will gently glide the Autoblow back and forth over your erect penis, with minimal effort. If we had to design the product from scratch all over again, we’d probably build it with the handle permanently attached. But hindsight is 20/20! We’ve made it available here at a very low price and hope it provides extra pleasure to all Autoblow owners.

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Customer Reviews

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Give it a look if you want to take your Autoblow to the next level

I'm amazed that such a small change could totally upgrade the Autoblow. When I first saw this I thought "How could a handle change the way a toy feels?" I'm not sure how or why it works, but it does. I've had to dial back to lower speeds when using the handle to keep from cumming too fast!

A surprising add-on that really makes the Autoblow experience even better

Just when I thought the Autoblow couldn't get any better, this handle comes along. Who'd have thought that a little handle could change the way a motorized toy works, but this handle has really enhanced my time with the toy. I'm not even sure why but this addon has made the Autoblow feel even more like the real thing. It's much less awkward to use while standing so you can simulate the "on her knees" type position.

I'd recommend it only if the base Autoblow isn't living up to expectations

It's cool that they're still improving on the Autoblow 2 even after they're on to new things (like the Autoblow AI). I'm not entirely sure what to make of this accessory though. When I've tried it and held using the handle, it does have a different sensation but not necessarily a better one. The Autoblow 2 already has decent options as far as variety goes, so I'm not sure how worthwhile this addon is. It's not too expensive though so might be worth a try if the regular Autoblow experience isn't working for you

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