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Autoblow 2 Reusable Mouth Sleeve

Autoblow 2 Reusable Mouth Sleeve

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The Autoblow 2 series of sleeves come in 3 different sizes, ensuring YOU get a perfect fit. While the Autoblow A.I. uses a single sleeve size with its re-designed gripper, Autoblow 2’s gripping mechanism requires different sleeve sizes depending on your penis’s girth.

Select the A size for a thinner penis, B size for a regular penis (fits 80% of men), or a C size for an extremely girthy penis (only top 5% girth).

The Autoblow 2’s interchangeable sleeves make the Autoblow 2 totally unique in the universe of male sex toys! Made from a high quality artificial skin material, the sleeves are easy to clean and built to last.

It's easy to use the replacement sleeves!

1) Insert the sleeve into your Autoblow 2â„?machine.
2) It will click into place when it is properly seated.
3) Use a water-based lubricant to assist your entry. Turn on the Autoblow 2 and enjoy.
4) Remove your sleeve and clean it using warm soapy water or a toy cleaner.






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Customer Reviews

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Finally a company that realizes that not all penises are created equal!

Finally! It's nice to have a toy that doesn't try to be one-size-fits-all. I've had a few bad experiences in the past with toys that just didn't fit... and I'm saying this as a pretty average guy length-wise but apparently not as girthy as most. I've seen a few toys that barely provide any friction, it's like that old saying "hot dog down a hallway." The "A" type for the XT Sleeve fits me perfectly though. Thanks!

Autoblow doesn't do much with a sleeve, so get it if you need one

Wouldnt buy one of these just for the fun of it, but they're a fair price for a replacement sleeve if your original one wears out. You can try a different hole if you want and it's nice to change things up, the two I've tried have felt pretty similar so you won't be missing out if you change or don't. It would be nice if it came with different skin tones or designs like some of the other toys they have here. Anwyay, gets the job done and the machine is just a really fancy paperweight without one, so get it if you need it

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