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Autoblow A.I. Standard Replacement Sleeve

Autoblow A.I. Standard Replacement Sleeve

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Autoblow A.I.’s sleeve system lets you turn your blowjob machine into a sex machine by simply swapping sleeves. Don’t like mouths? Put in a vagina sleeve and enjoy the specially designed interior texture. Not a fan of the vagina? No sweat, pop in the tight smooth anus and do your anal thing.

All Autoblow A.I. sleeves are fully silicone, which means they feel just like flesh, are non-porous, are completely odorless, and will last a very long time. Autoblow A.I. is currently the only sex toy for men utilizing real silicone sleeves and you’ll notice the difference immediately.

Make sure you purchase Autoblow Sleeve Renewing Powder and apply it every time you finish using your sleeve, after washing. It will help your sleeves stay silky smooth, just like new!


Autoblow reusable sleeve
Compatible with Autoblow A.I. machine
Easily insert and remove
100% silicone material
Tight grip
One size fits all
Easy to clean





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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Worth the dough if you can afford it

I owned the Real Doll sleeve that they made for Autoblow 2 and have compared it to that one for the purpose of this review. The material on this sleeve is squishier and somewhat softer than the Real Doll sleeve. The Autoblow 2 Real Doll sleeve was easy to put into the Autoblow but this one takes some practice to get it inside. Budget about 30 seconds to do it right so that means you shouldn't do this activity with your erection. Appearance-wise this is not as realistic as the one made by Real Doll but is 90% of the way there. To the company: I recommend you make one like this but for the mouth and for the anus as well.

Queen Bee
Give up a little bit of sensation for more reality

RealDoll-like artist creation of a pussy. I'm an artist myself and am impressed with this level of work with silicone.

Poor Man
Get your credit card out and think about the cost later!!

Ive tried a lot of the cheap strokers on Amazon and finally invested in something that I think will last. This sleeve does show some wear after about 15 uses but I hope it will last at least 2-3 years. Buying this plus the Autoblow AI is an expensive undertaking but worth it for me especially with things being as they are with COVID-19.

If you need a replacement sleeve, this is it

Got this as a replacement after my cat shredded my first one (stupid me left it out to dry and I guess he thought it was HIS new toy). No issues with it otherwise

Pretty much exactly what you'd expect

These are decent quality sleeves, about on par with what you'd see in brands like Fleshlight. There's not quite as much variety which is too bad, but being able to use them with the Autoblow machine more than makes up for that, I think. I personally like the mouth texture best. I haven't had them for too long but so far they've shown no signs of wear or tear and cleanup has been easy.

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