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Lelo HUGO Remote Control Prostate Massagers

Lelo HUGO Remote Control Prostate Massagers

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This is the most powerful and most luxurious prostate massager ever made. The remote controlled HUGO is perfectly designed to offer entirely new avenues of sexual satisfaction thanks to two intense vibrating. With 8 settings and exclusive Sense Motion technology, HUGO is all set to become the play partner you've been waiting for. USB-rechargeable & 100% waterproof, this expertly sized pleasure object deeply massages the prostate, while a secondary motor in the base stimulates the perineum for absolutely overwhelming stimulation.
  • THE MOST POWERFUL - HUGO is the most powerful remote control vibrating prostate massager in the world right now, made from fully waterproof silicone and designed for men who truly understand the power of personal pleasure.
    WIRELESSLY CONTROL the massager from up to 12 meters with LELO's trademark motion-sensitive controller, with 8 settings opening up endless pleasurable possibilities for couples.
  • TWO POWERFUL MOTORS - one for the prostate, another in the 'base' for the perineum, make the sensations overwhelming, with the option to explore 6 different vibration settings at the touch of a button
  • PERFECTLY SHAPED to stay in place and stimulate the prostate, HUGO's size, shape and performance offer mind-blowing pleasure.
  • Made from smooth, body-safe silicone, HUGO benefits from a 1 year warranty and a 10 year pleasure guarantee.
  • AVN Awards - Best Pleasure Products Manufacturer






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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
The Searcher
Pretty good

I put myself at probably an advanced beginner as far as prostate massaging. I cannot fault the design or workmanship on this device - second to none. Beautifully made, and silky smooth with no imperfections. And compared to others, I have to say the various vibration intensities are maybe twice as strong. Very good range on battery and when nearing the end, instead of getting weaker as one might expect, the vibrations just cease. But I must be anatomically incorrect or something as with a max insertion length of only 3.4", the Hugo does not seem to go deep enough to directly stimulate my P spot nor is it near thick enough to totally satisfy. I expect Lelo will someday offer a bigger version, both in length and girth, to please people like me.

Literally, the perfect fit

This! A great addition to the collection. I couldn't count the stars I saw but I know there were more than 5! This is worth the extra pennies you'll put out, but there's no question about how you'll feel both inside and out. There's the low cost versions, I have a couple good ones, there's the over 50, under 100, then there's this guy. He's the armani suit you wear to get the job, daily if needed. And use the remote, the last option.... come hither mode, OMG, WHAT A SURPRISE FEATURE! The only thing that could be better about Hugo, is if he earned a paycheck. Absent that, Hugo is good for the soul and for your....

Dirk Pitt

Love it

James B.
Once you learn how, WOW.

Give it a few times and try different modes and with or without the remote. I purchased to help with BPH, but the benefits are far beyond medical for me. Have even used with wife during BJ. Head exploded. Was almost too much. Almost. As far as the price. At first I was weary, but you can tell the quality is there and it is worth it. Anyone saying it's not worth the price, has never considered the cost of a Enjoy.

Brian L.
With a little patience and effort— awesome experience

This product is good, solid quality and comfortable material. . May be a bit difficult to use for newbies but with some effort and a deep breath, can make it happen. Once you have this right, definitely in a sitting position , you will have no doubt and will 100% know it. The remote was an added bonus, but may not even be needed. (note, hold down both buttons to turn it off or on). I was very excited to give this a try and after a couple tries was totally disappointed and regretted my purchase. . but third time was the charm. it was an awesome experience.

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