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Tenga 3D Male Masturbation Sleeve - Polygon

Tenga 3D Male Masturbation Sleeve - Polygon

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Reversal of Convention Creates Sculpted Ecstasy

Considering the process of Reversing, Washing and Drying, the exposed internal details are also the External Design. Once this perspective is realized, fusing stimulation and structural beauty becomes the ideal for the pinnacle of masturbation.

An Escalating Form of Elation
Gently stacked triangular protrusions form its structure. With tightly packed triangles bearing a soft sensation at the base and a distinct rippling stimulus as they space out at the tip. The varying sensations brought around by this gradient of stimulation harmonizes both soft and hard sensations.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Self love Heaven

These work for me. I am a fan of Tenga products. Probably not for everyone...because nothing is really better than Sally and her four sisters!

Satisfied customer

This toy takes some getting used to and experimenting for best results and stimulation.
Having said all that, I am very happy with it.

Love the idea and feel, but longevity may be another factor

I love Tenga's stuff, don't get me wrong, and maybe that is why I am giving this a 4 star review (I expect better) but I was disappointed when I saw material tearing on the product before I even used it. The tears are miniscule and don't affect the actual feel (for now) but tears can lead to a quickly degrading product. I love the product right now and it feels AMAZING, but I am kind of let down by the state in which it came.

Chole Gat

I rubbed off some skin on the head of my willy due to friction make sure to hsve a thicc snd viscous lubricant so you don't end up in pain like my dumb self...

size and texture, amazing design and quality

This is a very nice product, amazing packaging and case that it comes in with its little stand. Problem for me being it's little, it goes past the head which I guess is probably all that its supposed to do, but after that not much farther due to its small design. My only other problem was the lack of texture or design like other products would typically have on the inside. Some might like and others might not mind but it doesn't really give any feeling while using. This could all be problems with just me and I'm giving this product a nice review because it came early, lovely packaging and stand, and overall looks really nice. I say give it try it might be just perfect for you, for me though ill be waiting for a bigger size and some texture to spice it up.

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